Nevada Contractor licensing requirements are far more disciplined than new applicants and parties from other states expect; for example, solar contractors, and water conditioning distributors have different minimum licensing requirements than electrical or plumbing professionals must have. Attaching a cell tower to an existing building requires an A25 license, and commercial property owners in Nevada must employ a licensed contractor in order to hire HVAC and plumbing repair projects on their properties. These are just a few examples of areas where the Nevada State Contractors Board can cite unsuspecting or non-local parties.

In Nevada, a contractor license specifies a discipline in which the professional will be licensed to operate referred to as the “classification.” A licensed plumber cannot hold himself out to also be a licensed electrician–unless he holds two separate licenses in both fields. In order to obtain a license in any classification, an applicant must submit a written application with the Nevada State Contractors Board, associated fees, and meeting the experience and criminal background requirements.[i] This information is located on the NSCB website.

At Briscoe Law Group, we assist people with determining whether a license is necessary, what license is appropriate and submitting a complete application for timely processing. Also, the Nevada State Contractors Board requires prove up of a company or person’s financial condition which can limit the scope of a license to only permit small amounts of work on commercial or residential buildings thereby eliminating many projects to a new licensee. Briscoe Law Group works with people to improve financials and assists with disciplinary issues as they arise for contractors.

Out of State Contractors and Businesses prefer to have counsel “on the ground” in Nevada when their principal corporate office has an issue or a timely disciplinary problem to resolve. Briscoe Law Group works to bring its clients into compliance when there are changes in the law or new requirements to be fulfilled. We also work with other attorneys to assist their clients with NSCB issues.

If you want to apply for a license, feel free to contact our office to discuss requirements and options based on your specific situation and needs. Initial Consults are free by telephone or in person. Allow us to simplify this experience for you.

[i] Obtain an Application for a Contractor’s License from any office of the Nevada State Contractors Board or by telephone from the Nevada State Contractors Board’s 24-hour automated public information line at (775) 688-1141 or (702) 486-1100, or via the Nevada State Contractors Board Web site,